Handy Lightz
Handy Lightz

Handy Lightz

Handy Lightz is a flashlight that you don't have to hold. This featherweight glove has 2 - LED lights that project light exactly where you need it. This is a dream product for any handy man/woman. Super bright precision lighting makes takes easier to accomplish. No more juggling to hold a flashlight. Eliminate extension cords. Handy Lightz - just press the ON button and get instant light at your fingertips!


- Working in the basement
- Changing a fuse
- Changing a tire
- Plumbing
- Fishing
- Working on your car
- Knitting/sewing
- Picking up after your dog
- Camping
- Reading in bed


  • Two super bright LED lights on the glove
  • Allows for hand-free usage
  • Comes with long lasting 2xCR2016 batteries
  • Small batteries allow for lightweight and streamline glove design
  • Made with quality fabric
  • Breathable and lightweight - you will forget that you have the glove on
  • Well positioned ON/OFF button
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable
  • One size fits most